Saturday, June 19, 2010

Triple Night

I spent the past 3 nights with my boyfriend. Good cause we needed the time together to get past all our issues and remember how much we love each other. Thursday night he surprised me by showing up at my house even though we were fighting so that we can make it right. I love it when he does romantic things like that. It was super sweet. On Friday we watched my brothers graduation then went to chill at his cousins pad. All his cousins are back in town including Mike and Dex so they were drinking up while I was the only sober one. & like the only chick there. Today we just ran some errands and stayed in for a movie night. We watched Shutter Island. It wasn't as dope as I thought it would be but whatever. I'm always down to watch a thriller/horror flick.

Last night I actually let myself stay out late even though I had work this morning. So yee thats progress with my weird obsession with time and rest! I'm feeling more down to do things and optimistic so Im glad. Omg I have to get back to the chill optimistic go with the flow me!

Monda back to working out with my sistaahh!. Im glad Ive been doing good and staying consistent with my diet but I have not worked out in a week cause Im getting sick and I feel super gross. Monday im on it.

I need to stop spending moneyy! I need to buy a car and I want to go back to school soon. I really have been wanting to get the burberry bag. Maybe that will be my last big splurge and ill start saving from there. Yah I think so. Oh yah and Disneyland in July. I havent been there since I was 7 or something Im so excited!

Photobooth flick with my boo

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