Saturday, July 10, 2010

More Summer Fun!

Yesterday was so chill. Me, my boyfriend & a bunch of friends had a little pool party. We swam all day and grubbed on chips & pizza. Butch loves me so he bought me my favorite cherry coke even though i was like the only one who drank it lol. We were swimming for so long we were so pruney when we got out! lol. I chilled & chit chatted with Butch's gf Jonilyn. I loveee her! Lol & also with all my favorites Margie & Angie. We wrestled & played games & it was so fun! Here are some pics.

Afterwards we just had a movie night at Butchs's again! That place almost feels like my 2nd home hahaha. The girls & I ended up picking a cheesy home made horror flick since we've seen everything else. The boys kept suggesting Forrest Gump! Omg weirdos. lol Jonilyn & I were planning our Disneyland double date this Saturday & what were gonna wear and what were gonna do with our hair. I Know were just going to Disney but omg we still have to look cute! lol. Hahaha then went to get some tacos before they took me home cause I had work this morning. What a chill summer day :)

Couples movie night at butchs!

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