Sunday, July 4, 2010

Starting to feel like Summer...

This summer has already started out so awesome & memorable. I've been doing the typical summer things with my friends over the past couple of weeks. It feels so amazing. I never really got to do these things as much cause I always had strict parents or I was always busy with school.

On wednesday I grabbed brunch with Jardine at Chili's and caught up a bit. I miss her a lot. We haven't seen each other as much since I got into the arguement with Sol. After we ate we just shopped around the mall & found some good discounts at Bath & Body works. After that she dropped me off at Margie's house. Margie, Angie, Jerrell & I hopped in her car & went to grab some yogurt. Gossiped lol. I have so much fun with those two. We went to Butch's pad after wards & chilled there the rest of the night.

The next day my boyfriend & friends hit the beach. It was literally like the perfect summer day. Watching the boys surf in their skin tight wetsuits was PRICELESS. Dex & Julius crack me up so much! lol. The girls & I mostly just laid on our blankets & soaked up the sun. Relaxing on the beach is so awesome I felt like I was in Heaven. My mind felt so free for the first time in so long. We tried to tan but we ended up just getting sunburned lol. The boys caught a dead jellyfish. I took a million pictures. I was the photographer of the day. I met & LOVE Butch's girlfriend Jonilyn. She's super sweet. & I swear she & butch are like a mini me & derick. In almost every aspect. We have a lot in common. & Derick & butch are cousins so they're already pretty alike. And just the way they are together, they way they mess around & cuddle & act with each other is almost exactly like me & derick. They were so adorable lol. I'm glad we have someone to double date with now! lol After the beach we hit this mexican food place & talked about the past. & told dumb embarassing stories about each other since we all knew each other since middle school.. except for Jonilyn. After eating we all went home to get showered & dressed since hitting the movies was next on our list. That didn't pull through though. We just ended up chillin at Butch's AGAIN. That's our spot for sure. Then grabbed a late dinner at Sanams.

Butch & his gf Jonilyn. A mini me & derick lol.

We were supposed to party for Dex's going away on Friday but things didn't pull through with my gfs & I so we all decided not to go. I'm sad cause I didnt get to say bye to Dex. We were never really close but chillin with him that one day was just so super chill & hes a cool guy. So ill def miss him. Especially since he'll be gone for 4 years.

& everything else that I've been up to has been fun. I'm so happy about my morning schedule so now I can see my loved ones & enjoy things like this more often. I haven't felt this happy in so long. Thank you LORD! I love YOU!

Me & my gfs are planning a bbq & swimming sometime this week & disneyland in two weeks with butch & jonilyn! Super excited!! Can't wait!

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