Sunday, September 19, 2010

Famz Time

Today seemed like such a long day at work cause I've been so upset with my boyfriend issue again. It dragged on & I finally got off and got to spend some time with my family since it was my uncle's birthday. I got to spend time with my baby cousins who I miss so much ! I wish we were still neighbors. We played tennis, took a walk, ate yummy filipino food, told scary stories & other fun things. I love being with those kids. I can spend all day in bed with them just watching movies & I would feel so content. I wish we could've stayed longer but everyone has work in the morning including myself.

Taking a walk with my loves

I feel so extra motivated to drop weight & get super toned & fit after I saw my old classmates pictures from a trip to the Bahamas she went to. OMG homegirls body is crackin! I am so jello! Like rock hard fit & I defintly want to get on that fit wagon. I've been slacking a bit since my boyfriend has been home but I am on it tomorrow.

I've also been thinking about taking some time away from him right now. It hurts so much feeling like he just doesnt care about me and my needs but I'm supposed to take care of all his. I cant take the pain & I need to remember how to be independent and happy on my own again.

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