Sunday, September 12, 2010

Upcoming Events :)

The end of the year is coming up once again which means there are so many events that I need to look good & be in shape for! This year :

September 22 - BFF's 22nd birthday
October 31 - Halloween
November 30 - My 22nd birthday
December 6 - My BFF's wedding!! :)
December 24 - Christmas Celebration with the family

Of course the holidays but i'll add more if anything else comes up. I really want to look good for the holidays this year! Last year I was such a fat lard. Yuck. I'm glad I'm alot smaller but I am still not where I wanna be. Me & 3 of my other girlfriends are all doing insanity lol. So it will be fun working out together & keeping each other on track. I want to actually dress up for Halloween. Nothing to slutty cause my boyfriend will trip but something sexy enough ;) I haven't dressed up for Halloween for like 3 to 4 years now. & now that I'm grown & working I wanna go all out.

I am so excited for my bestie's wedding! As the maid of honor you KNOW i need to look my best. hahaha. She wants me to wear a long dress instead of short which always makes me look fatter since I'm short so I gotta really workout & eat right! I am so psyched! There's going to be a big ceremony & music and yummy food & the whole wedding shabang. I have to start looking for a dress soon but since its not till December I want to lose weight first before I buy a dress. I need to work on my speech! Omg I get so stage fright though! lol

I dont know what I want to do for my birthday yet.. I'm really not into drinking & partying anymore so I'm thinking just have dinner somewhere nice with my boyfriend & close homies. I'm thinking Yamashiro restuarant in Hollywood? I wanna go just for the beautiful atmosphere. I don't even know if the food is good but whatever I want to try something different for once.

Anyways I'm super excited :) I love the end of the year! The weather & the holidays! I cant wait to start wearing scarves & boots again.

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