Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's been a week so far into the new year..

Its been a week so far into the new year and I already lost a best friend. I'm tired of being lied to and being last on her list all the time. It sucks all the countless chances i gave her. I think its best if we just go our separate ways. No more of that to deal with. And im honestly over it. Its better off this way. It hurts now but in the long run atleast i wont get hurt anymore.

Its been a week so far into the new year and things between my boyfriend and i are not at their best at all. We didnt even wish each other a happy new year. I promised myself I would try no matter how hard it is. I just feel like hes being so unreasonable and really trying to abuse this. I'm really getting hurt by how mean hes being and i Just keep telling myself that I will deal with it, just like hes always dealt with me when I was mean to him. I just need to vent and let these feelings out somewhere cause I dont want to blow up on him and ruin all my efforts that I've made so far. He feels that he has every right to treat me this way cause I've treated him this way. It's so immature though. That attitude will never help this relationship better and he knows it. We need all the love and understanding and patience to be able to heal us and help fix our issues. This is just not how I wanted to start off this year. Being sad everyday that my bf is being so unreasonable and mean. That he barely even makes time for me. I just keep telling myself that if i put in all I have left, and keep giving him and giving him and trying and trying no matter how long it takes, in the long run it will help make things right and we can start to heal again. I hope it works out for us cause I really do love him and want to be with him. I just need the strength to keep going.

Today was a hectic day at work. The health department also paid us a a surprise visit. Omg nurses running around everywhere going crazy! It's ok we got through the day. Survey is just around the corner again so I have to prepare myself. The next few months are gonna be insane waiting for them to come. Its ok we are some bomb nurses we got this!

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