Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So far..

I havent worked out in 4 days and ive been eating gross and fatty foods. Not my best week but its ok. I know we all have our off days and cheat days. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Back on track with my healthy living. It started out on Saturday cause I was out all day with him having dinner and I let myself eat to enjoy our time together. We ended up having a HUGE HUGE fallout again and I was very sad the next couple of days which lead to me eating some more and trying to go out and take my mind off of everything and then eating SOME MORE. Yuck my bod feels gross. I cant wait to try my new workout shoes and easytone workout top tomorrow. I love how addicted i am to being healthy :)

So we had a huge fight again. He just wouldnt communicate with me and work it out with me. So I'm over it. I want to better my life and he does nothing but bring me down. If he doesnt want to try with me then theres no point in holding on any longer. I've cried enough tears for him.

2011 hasnt exactly started out as a great year but it will definitely get better because I say so and my mind is made up that it will be a great year. I can handle anything that comes my way.

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