Saturday, February 19, 2011

Holding on till the end of Time.

Things seem to be teeny bit better now but still far from where I want it to be. Still I am so ever thankful to my LORD for all HIS help and guidance. Thank you so much JESUS for making me stronger each day and deepening my faith and trust in YOU. For everything that I've learned and realized for the strength to keep going, GOD I praise you and thank you.

He's finally more willing to talk to me about our problems and more willing to work it out with me. He's starting to call me again and show some love and affection again. There is still so much to do and to fix in this relationship. & I'm doing all that I can. Praying every day every second for us. Really trying to understand his needs and wants from me. I'm seriously even reading books on how to make relationships work and tips on how to communicate better. I dont care I will do anything and all it takes to save my relationship. I'm still learning so much about myself and the things that I do wrong and things that I need to fix for him and for myself and for others. I just want to keep improving myself so I can further improve my relationship.

I love him. He's a beautiful person and I know and remember all the things he has done for me and for us so I will do the same for him. I love you Leelan Derick Manuel Rombaoa <3

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