Friday, March 25, 2011

2 missed workouts :(

I'm so annoyed with myself that I ate super bad and didn't work out today or yesterday. This whole weekend I'm working and busy so I know that's going to be another two days I can't get my cardio and weight training in. It's been two days since I last worked out and I already feel flabby and less energetic. I tried to work out right now before I go to sleep but I got lazy and more annoyed with myself cause I don't usually exercise late at night. I don't want to start getting back into old bad habits and gain back the weight that I lost. I think I'm being a bit hard on myself but feeling all jiggily is NOT the business and I seriously am mad at myself for messing up. I need to check myself.

I'm really trying to target my core/abs which is the hardest part of my body to lose fat. I bought a medicine ball and The Flat Abs diet book. lol I know I'm so desperate. Summer is in exactly 3 months. I want to be my ideal size by that time. & also fit and toned. Bikini Bod ready toned :) Ever since I started lifting weights my body has been a bit more tight but I'm still not where I wanna be. # months is more than enough time to get there though. I want to lose maybe like 5 or 7 more lbs then just tone it all up.

But seriously, I just want to vent in this blog how mad I am at myself for being a lazy heffer today! Ahhhhhhh get it together Michelle!

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