Tuesday, April 28, 2009

blogging real quick

i started a prayer book today. i was inspired by my cousin. its nice writing out my prayers and thoughts and just things that im greatful for. its relaxing and peaceful =]
i wanna go hiking with derick and butch tomorrow but im stuck babysitting. wackkkk i need the workout, although i had another good workout with my slutty sol today. and i want to get out of the house. oh well atleast ill get some studying done. i do need to go out though. butch was asking me if derick and i want to go to skateland on friday for some fundraiser for kennedy. it sounds fun but derick and i are soo broke right now. he spent too much money last week. angie was also asking me to kick it on saturday. i just wanna chill and drink or sumn.
mama celwyn and my grandma are coming home thursday finally. im soo happy shes ok. and im so happy that dericks sister is ok also. anyways, just blogging real quick. watch out for that swine flu niggas!

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