Monday, May 4, 2009

so confused..

im so confused right now. i just dont knw what to believe. i knw he loves me. but how can i be with someone when there are trust issues? both of us have trust issues with each other and its driving me insane. i told him i need some time away to think and figure things out but he keeps calling me and making me feel bad. idk im so sad and confused. thank GOD sol is here. i love my wifeyface soo much. idk how wed get through all these boy drama without each other. im glad we decided on having a weekly workout routine from sun to thurs cuz not only do we get hot together, but we have more time to spend together. i was so sad the other night and she snuck out of the house like at 1 in the morning just to come see me. man i love that beetchh. my family loves her too. and we keep each other in check. i lovee you hunniiee boo! hahaha we keep each other sane. ughh i dont evn want to think about this issue right now. idk what to do or what i want or what to believe. i just want to forget everything, go shopping and go to the spa with my bff and just nothing about anything.


  1. I got you if anything<3

  2. I understand how you feel, more than you think. (:

    if you need anyone, I'm here! [: <3