Sunday, April 26, 2009

just waiting for his call rambling..

this weekend ive had a little break from my diets and workouts cuz ive been with derick. i didnt really over do anything i dont think. but tomorrow starts another week full of taebo and eating healthhier with my slutty sol. we both feel fat now that we havent worked out for just 2 days. lol.

i really want to go to the beach! derick and i can go to our secret secluded spot where there are no ppl =] awesome. i hate the beach when its crowded! it ruins the relaxing atmosphere for me. i wonder hitting the beach and strip this weekend with butch and kit pull through. hopefully.

another pacman fight this saturday. i saw him at seafood city a couple weeks ago promoting this new restaurant. hes short. lol but buff. anyways, im waiting for my boyfriend to call me. hes getting some homework done. i gotta talk to him about plans this weekend. walter and sol are supposed to come over to watch the fight with me and hopefully derick too. but he might need to be with his fam.

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