Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bored at home.

Omg I'm so bored right now. I'm sitting in my living room watching Sister Sister and trying to study. I hate being stuck in the house all week. The only time I really go out is on weekends with Derick. I swear if Sol didn't come over to my house almost everyday to workout I would be sooo bored! I can't wait to pass the board cuz then I could go out and do whatever I want without my mom getting on my case about studying. You know, even though it is so annoying when my mom always keeps me on lock and bugs about my studies and is really strict, I'm glad. She keeps me in check. If she didn't push me and bug me constantly, and threaten to take away my privileges and get mad, I probably would never study. If she wasn't strict on me my whole life I think I would have ended up failing high school and being a crazy party girl and a crackhead drunkie. lol.

Anyways, I really want to get a gym membership. I'll talk to Sol about it, maybe she'll be down. Ughh I'm sooo bored at home!!

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