Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Old Journal Entries

I need to go shopping for some new jeans. My hips and ass are big again cuz im fat so I cant even fit into my jeans without suffocating. Its so sad. Lol. I was reading my old journals and stuff and omg I was so dumb. And I sound like such a ghetto slut, why did I used to write like that? Hahaha Reading old entires and how I used to think is funny cuz Im so different now. More mature, although Im still the same free spirit and spontaneous, outgoing person Ive always been. One thing I love about myself is that I really dont care what people think of me and Im confident. I have alot of haters, I rarely get along with females and I really dont care. Im happy just as I am.

I also read alot of entires I had about people that I used to have in my life that aren't anymore. People are so shady. Im glad I got rid of them. Im completely satisfied with my select few =]

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