Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back on Track!

Man I was so thrown off last week due to all my boyfriend issues. I didn't study or workout like AT ALL. I feel so sluggish and lazy. Ughh I hate feeling that way. All I did was literally eat my troubles away and watch movies all day long. I literally ate mcdonalds almsot every night right before I knocked out! That's how you get fat dude I gotta chill with that! How sad. But I'm back on track and ready to start another week full of hardcore studying and working out! When I don't work out I feel so jiggily and gross and it stresses me out knowing I look like a cow. hahaha. So tomorrow I'm gonna start again. A week off is much too long. Ugh stupid boyfriend drama is so annoying!

When I was still a sexy beeyatch!


Man my freaking lip hurts! Yesterday my boyfriend and I were wrestling just messing around and he pinned me to the floor and made me bite my lip! Ughh I have this little scar on my lower lip now =(

My nclex is in 3 weeks! I gotta get to it!


  1. Hi Michelle, we're in the same boat. I've been trying to lose weight for the longest of time. I miss being a size 10. Chocolate & ice-cream is just irresistable...but now I'm totally giving it up...I want my bikini bod back..Lol.

    I suscribed to your blog months ago... absolutely love it! x You seem like someone I'd really get along with and you're beautiful..okay that sounds pretty I'm no lesbo..Lol. but yeah just thought I'd drop by and introduce myself... my blogs is (OoO I have'nt really updated it in awhile.)

    Anyways all the best and stay motivated xoxo

  2. i have a question for you? i know this isnt the place to ask but just didnt know where to do it. ok so i see your gonna be an LVN did you already pass your boards? and if you did what did you do to study? i take mine next month