Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So Much to Look Forward To!

I'm so excited im finally gonna get my nails done tomorrow! They look so gross and I want really cute mani and pedi for summmaa time baby! I bought some cute rompers for the beach and some cute tops. I really want to go all out this summer especially since I'm making my own money this time. & since I have the morning shift now! Yay thank You Lord once again!

I already requested a weekend off in July so me and my boyfriend can go to Disneyland! Omg I've been wanting to go forever! I haven't been there since I was 7 or 8? Then this thursday I'm gonna go beach bummin with my bf and a few friends & then go hiking afterwards. Should be fun! I think this saturday is Dex's going away party too. I can't get wasted though cause I have work the next morning. I'll just get a little buzz since it's so boring being at a party & everyone else is wasted except you. I'm just super hyped! I'm over being this little pusssy grandma. Omg I want to have adventures and go all out! :)

As of right now me and him are fighting AGAIN. I'm so annoyed cause I keep trying to make it better & he still won't get over it and just help me make it better. I dont want to fight anymore. He might be going to field training for all of August and do we really want to spend our last month together before he leaves fighting? Ughhh. I dont know what to do. I hope this doesnt ruin all our plans. I was so looking forward to all our plans and having fun before he leaves. I just want it to be ok already between us. We know we have communication problems so why make it worse by clicking on each other & all this other bs. Like cmon just talk it out with me & lets make it right ! It's not that hard! Ughhh

Tonight I'm working the 11pm to 7am shift again then I'm finally off tomorrow. I'm gonna grab lunch & get my nails did with my bff. I haven't seen her in forever so yee I'm excited! We have to catch up and figure out what I'm gonna do with my situation with my other friend right now.

Eclipse is coming out too & I really have to see it! I also really want to watch Toy story 3 & Grown ups. I haven't been to the movies since I watched Shrek the FInal Chapter with my brother.

I feel so crappy cause I had suchh a bomb workout with my sister yesterday & since I got so upset about fighting with my bf again I ended up grubbing out crazy the rest of the day & even into my night shift!! What a waste of our pure cardio & cardio abs session! So today I woke up like at 3 pm & called him to STILL try to make it work and he was still being an ass. So I was like whatever then. But now I feel a bit too sad and drained to workout again plus my sister is being bummy & lazy too. I need someone to workout with for more motivation! I want to be fit & ripped! I have to atleast eat good all day today & NOTHING fattening. I just had subway 6 inch for dinner. I'm about to have some chocolate soy milk for a snack. Yummm soy milk I loves.

I can't be too down right now. I'm really trying to get back to the happy, positive & confident me. The one who was down for anything. The me BEFORE I started working & having so much responsibilities. I don't want to feel so down about myself anymore! Forrealll I'm comin back hard. I'm DONE being an old nana! I want to have fun & go crazy!! & seriously I could care less what ANYONE thinks of me. I just do me yah digg!?

This is my inspirational board. lol I have to surround myself with positive thoughts.

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